The Bruce J. Heim Foundation was established in 1986 to provide financial assistance to causes that will help people, especially young people with potential for academic and/or artistic excellence in an area of interest. The programs supported should allow participants to achieve their full potential.

The Foundation is designed to provide funding that will help young people realize their potential, as Bruce Heim had been helped to realize his.

The Foundation hopes that financial assistance will allow the recipients to improve, develop, and concentrate on their talents. As a beneficiary of grant funding, the Foundation trusts that recipients will be encouraged at an appropriate time in their lives to emulate the help they received through their own support and involvement with philanthropic causes.

Scholarships and other funding are committed to a number of projects including programs at major universities, independent secondary schools and other institutions.

We are a small, private Foundation primarily endowed through the generosity of Bruce J. Heim. While we are not involved in formal fund raising activities, we welcome donations from family, friends, and other interested parties who would like to help us in our efforts to provide funding for worthwhile projects. Donations are deductible based upon IRS regulations that govern private foundations.

The Foundation is designed to provide funding that will help young people realize their full academic potential, as Bruce Heim had been helped to realize his.

“Realize your
ACADEMIC potential”