Grant Applications

Each grant request is considered on an individual basis by the full Board. Evaluation criteria includes the viability of the organization, its ability to fulfill the stated goal of the project and/or scholarship being considered, and the degree of significance our funding will hold in helping the recipient to achieve success.

The Board meets periodically to review grant requests. Please allow at least two months for review and consideration of the request.


The Bruce J. Heim Foundation grants funds only to 501 ( c ) (3) status organizations. The Board seeks to grant funds to organizations in a position to help people, especially young people who demonstrate potential for excellence in the area of academic interest and/or special achievement in the arts. The Foundation strives to establish communication with the people it helps in order to provide congratulations and encouragement, although this is not mandated.


Applications for grants should be mailed to:

The Bruce J. Heim Foundation
c/o Barbara Pailet, Executive Director
3525 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 605
Metairie, LA 70002

Applications should include:

  • A cover letter on organization letterhead giving a brief history of the organization signed by the chief executive officer
  • The names of the governing body of the organization
  • A copy of the organization’s IRS 501 ( c ) (3) status ruling
  • Current financial statements and/or audit of the organization
  • Most recent 990 tax filing
  • A description of the project and/or scholarship criteria being considered including all relevant information i.e. budget, amount being requested, etc.

If you are in doubt regarding your eligibility and/or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara Pailet, Executive Director via online form or via phone at (504) 321-0040.